Aaron Ingram

Aaron Ingram
Aaron Ingram.png
Birthdate April 2003
Country Ie.png Ireland
Nicknames Netcode
Team Team Wrongline
Simulations iRacing
Series Usf2000
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Team history
??/2020 - Present
01/2020 - Present



Born in Ireland, with a very poor setup and a wheel that falls of his table, has no speed for someone with a rig like his.

Irating averaging around 1.8K and B class license.

Notable Achievments Include

  • Hit by Jamie Caroline
  • Raced in GlenRG week 13
  • Going to crash in Sebring 12 hour

Radical SR8 Results 2021
Aaron Ingram 7 19 3 1 3 3 2 16 4 7