Justin Robichaud

Justin Robichaud
Birthdate 23 May 1993
Country Ca.png
Team Woven Planet Racing
Simulations iRacing
Series NASA Rallycross Challenge
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Team history
NASA RallyCross Challenge
2022A - Present

Justin Robichaud (born 23, May 1993) is a Canadian racing driver from New Brunswick, Canada. Currently running the Volkswagen Beetle GRC for Woven Planet Racing. Robichaud began Sim Racing at the start of 2021, his first Rallycross race on iRacing was in March of that same year, and within a few weeks, he made his NASA Rookie debut at Brands Hatch in the 2021B season.

NASA RallyCross Career


Robichaud's Privateer WRX STI - Round 6 @ Atlanta Long - 2021B

The 2021B season saw Robichaud appear in his first Rallycross league race, and his rookie debut with NASA Rallycross. His first season was undeniably rocky with no feature appearances. His best performances seemed to come on the stadium truck tracks. "I have a lot of work to do..." Robichaud said about his performance in his first season, "...I expected some hiccups along the way, being so new to this discipline, but this season was an eye opener. It showed me I still have a lot to learn


Robichaud's Dirt eSport VW Beetle - Round 1 @ Barcelona - 2021C

The 2021C Season was a fresh start for Robichaud, who made his debut with Dirt eSport in a completely different car, the Volkswagen Beetle GRC. It was a big move for Robichaud, and one he was very excited about.

His debut with Dirt eSport was less than ideal, coming in with a DNF at Barcelona after experiencing wheel damage in a wreck and having to park the bug for the event. He would go on to have another modest season, but showed quite a bit of improvement throughout. Especially at the stadium truck tracks, where he added onto his past successes by making both of his first feature races at Wild Horse and Bark River.


Robichaud's Woven Planet Racing VW Beetle for the 2022A Season

Robichaud joins Woven Planet Racing for the 2022A Season, abruptly leaving Dirt eSport for the new opportunity.

Racing record

Records and Accolades

Record Number
Championship titles 0
Feature Race Appearances 4
Heat Race Wins 1
Heat Race Wins in a single season 1
Podiums 0
Race Wins 0
Wins in a single season 0
Podiums in a single season 0