Trans Tasman Racing

Trans Tasman Racing
Founding date 2009
Country Au.png
Team manager Au.png Madison Down
Simulations iRacing
Harrop Engineering
KURSE Designs Lab
Apex Replicas
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TTR is the vision of Madison Down and other original team members in 2009. A racing group built around getting the fastest and fairest sim racing drivers from both Australia and New Zealand together in one place, to give the opposition one hell of a fight.

The team originally was a group of “AU/NZ Crowd” that just loved racing against each other on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. That then merged into a team (Southern Cross Racing) in June 2009. Later that year, we changed the name to Trans Tasman Racing.

TTR uses on PC as their primary simulation, however the team also has a strong track record in other simulations such as Gran Turismo and rFactor. The team has had a great deal of success in GT Academy as well with four drivers making it to the National Finals in Australia and New Zealand and two of those four making it to Silverstone with Tony Autridge in 2010 and Josh Muggleton in 2014.

The Team predominantly enters the V8 Supercar Online Premier Series based in Australia and is widely known as one of the Top Teams in that particular Series with Several Championship wins and countless race wins. Madison Down won the title in 2016 and Jarrad Filsell in 2017 and 2018 (Also won in 2015 but under ANZ Motorsports).

Trans Tasman Racing also competed on the world stage in the VRS GT iRacing World Championship in a Ferrari 488 GT3. The car was driven by Madison Down, Jarrad Filsell, Jake Burton and Shaun Kelly.

Driver Roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
Au.png Madison Down 2009 VRS GT iRacing World Championship
V8 Supercar Online Premier Series
Au.png Josh Muggleton 2011 V8 Supercar Online Premier Series
Au.png Leigh Ellis 2013 V8 Supercar Online Premier Series
Au.png Kurt Stenberg 2017 V8 Supercar Online Premier Series
Au.png Emily Jones 2017 V8 Supercar Online Premier Series
Nz.png Shaun Kelly 2013 V8 Supercar Online Premier Series
Au.png Andrew Fraser 2019 V8 Supercar Online Premier Series
Au.png Jake Moloney 2019 V8 Supercar Online Premier Series

Inactive drivers

Name Join date
Au.png Craig Milne 2009
Au.png Jeff Smith 2009
Au.png Nicholas Dalton 2009
Au.png Troy Cox 2010
Au.png Wayne Tolley 2010
Au.png Dion Holzheimer 2010
Au.png Andrew Osier 2012
Au.png Damien Butler 2013
Au.png Stephen Clarke 2013
Au.png Jarrod Muggleton 2014
Au.png Brock Salmon 2015
Au.png Chris Osborne 2017
Au.png Joshua Schuberth 2018

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Au.png Blair Payton 2009 2011
Au.png Paulie 2009 2010
Nz.png Ian Pretorious 2009 2010
Br.png Luiz Paulo Gallon 2017 2017
Au.png Luke Harvey 2017 2019
Au.png Jake Burton 2015 2019
Au.png Jarrad Filsell 2017 2019 Evolution Racing Team
Au.png Brett Stiles 2013 2019
Au.png Brett Jnr Morris 2018 2019 All Star Motorsport
Nz.png Sam Blacklock 2017 2019 Altus eSports
Nz.png Michael Healey 2009 2019 Trick SimSports
Au.png Deane Thrower 2017 2019
Au.png Allan Takken 2018 2019 One Performance Racing