Vulcan Sim Racing

Vulcan Sim Racing
Founding date 13 April 2020
Country Gb.png United Kingdom
Team manager Gb.png Steven Leahy Be.png Lucas Adam
Simulations Simulation
Race Anywhere[1]
Rogue Energy [2]
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Vulcan Sim Racing is an iRacing endurance team founded in April 2020 by Steven Leahy and Neil Goodacre, with them and two other drivers from Paul King's Youtube channel's Discord (Lucas Adam and Dominik Förster) forming the first evolution of Vulcan Sim Racing who initially banded together to run the 12hr of Suzuka in the iRacing Endurance Series. The team came out with a 2nd place in the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 in the team's first endurance race.

From there the team grew in size in the next four months, gaining noteable members such as Steven Norman, Mohammed Janko, Tom Male, Antonio Baptista Fernandes and Luke McKeown until the team had an active roster of around 16 drivers by early-August.

After a fall in the driver count in mid-October 2020, the team remained comprised of between 11-13 members for the rest of the year.

Driver roster

Active drivers

Name Join date Series
Gb.png Steven Leahy 04/2020
Be.png Lucas Adam 04/2020
De.png Dominik Forster 04/2020
Gb.png Adam Gladden 04/2020
Gb.png Tom Male 05/2020
Gb.png Mohammed Janko 07/2020
Gb.png Callam Brant 07/2020
Gb.png Joel Evans 11/2020
Gb.png Mick Anderson 11/2020
Gb.png Leon Penn 12/2020

Former drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Gb.png Paul King 04/2020 09/2020 Ignium Motorsport
Gb.png Neil Goodacre 04/2020 08/2020 N/A
Pt.png Antonio Baptista Fernandes 05/2020 10/2020 N/A
Gb.png Steven Norman 05/2020 01/2021 Ignium Motorsport
Gb.png Luke McKeown 07/2020 01/2021 N/A
Hu.png Daniel Kovacs 08/2020 11/2020 Really Slow Motion Racing
It.png Davide Fashole 08/2020 09/2020 Details Racing Team
Gb.png Jason Hodgson 10/2020 01/2021 Altitude eSports
Gb.png James Boniface 10/2020 01/2021 N/A
Gb.png Luke Pennington 10/2020 12/2020 N/A

Team results

Endurance Racing Online Season One

Season Team Car Class No. Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 Pos Points
Silv Nurb Lems Sebr Spa
2020 Vulcan Sim Racing Ferrari 488 GTE GTE PRO 213 Gb.png Mohammed Janko 12 7 3 6 5 6th 39
Gb.png Tom Male 12
Gb.png Luke McKeown 7 3 5
Pt.png Antonio Baptista Fernandes 7
Be.png Lucas Adam 3
Gb.png Callam Brant 3
Gb.png James Boniface 6
Gb.png Adam Gladden 6

Apex Racing Leauge GT-Team Championship Season One

Season Team Car Class No. Drivers 1 2 3 4 Pos Points
Dayt Silv Spa Suzk
2020 Vulcan Sim Racing Porsche 911 RSR GTE PRO 122 Gb.png Mohammed Janko 5 3 12 3 3rd 182
Gb.png Luke McKeown
Vulcan Sim Racing Black Porsche 911 RSR GTE PRO 177 Gb.png Joel Evans DNF 12 26 4 20th 82
Gb.png Mick Anderson
Vulcan Sim Racing White BMW M8 GTE GTE AM 234 Gb.png Jason Hodgson 10 10 DNF 3 11th 48
Gb.png Adam Gladden