Vulcan Sim Racing Academy

Vulcan Sim Racing Academy
Vsr academy.png
Founding date 15 February 2021
Country Gb.png United Kingdom
Team manager Gb.png Rob Sutherland

Gb.png Adam Gladden

Simulations iRacing
Race Anywhere[1]
Rogue Energy [2]
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Vulcan Sim Racing Academy (VSR Academy) is Vulcan Sim Racing's junior team, a team where promising up and coming talent join before graduating to the senior team. Prior to February 2021, the academy was much more scaled-down and was a section of the main team, serving the same purpose and producing noteable quick drivers such as Luke McKeown, Leon Penn, and Mohammed Janko.

The academy is managed by veteran VSR driver Adam Gladden and former academy graduate Rob Sutherland.

Driver roster

Current drivers

Name Join date Series
De.png Maxim Knaz 02/2021
It.png Alessandro Longoni 02/2021
Dk.png Magnus Martinson 02/2021
Fi.png Matias Saunamäki 02/2021
Us.png Colin Arnold 02/2021
Pt.png Steve Melo 02/2021
Dk.png Anders Theis Ankersen 02/2021
Pt.png Filipe Goucha 02/2021
Pt.png Diogo Neves 03/2021
Gb.png Lewis Holden 03/2021

Academy graduates

Name Join date Series
Pt.png Antonio Baptista Fernandes 05/2020
Gb.png Tom Male 05/2020
Gb.png Luke McKeown 07/2020
Gb.png Mohammed Janko 07/2020
Hu.png Daniel Kovacs 07/2020
It.png Davide Fashole 07/2020
Gb.png Mick Anderson 10/2020
Gb.png Joel Evans 10/2020
Gb.png Rob Sutherland 10/2020
Gb.png Leon Penn 12/2020

Former academy drivers

Name Join date Leave date New team
Gb.png Luke Pennington 10/2020 12/2020 Fuga Simsport
Gb.png James Boniface 10/2020 01/2021 N/A
Us.png EJ O'Donnell-Lines 01/2021 03/2021 RSR Esports